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what psychotic people like the tucson shooter, the guy in aurora would do and the fact that they are out -- >> i would argue that it is not beindriv by emotion, but by cultural shift. i think the american people are ready to do something. there is support for the cultural shift. why not legislated? >> moreover, i do not think it is a matter of focusing on the mass shootings and people who are psychotic. a lot of people have been victimized by gun violence who are not psychotic shooters -- >> guns in the house. kids kill themselves. >> this may not be a way to enact laws, but this is from the behind the curtain column. "they just tell their heartbreaking stories with a demand for action that is respectful, but forceful. many of them can get a meeting with any senator they want, whenever they want." >> they are taking their problems directly to the people -- >> have we ever seen one disaffected this quickly? this effective this quickly? one was the last time you saw members respond emotionally like this? >> when i was on the hill, i remember the right-to-life movement at
had his first psychotic break. we could not get any help for him. when a person is left to decompensate to the point where they can not eat because they fear their food is poison or when they can't go outside because they think people are following them everywhere. when they can't sleep because they are hearing voices and the delusions in their mind, we owe it to them and to intervene to help. there is nothing civil about letting somebody without their right mind decompensate to the to point that they lose their lives and sometimes other people lose their lives. our mother recently had called me and said that her son had been on the streets because he also left their house and the police called her first thing in the morning. she hadn't seen him in a long time and he had paranoid schizophrenia. they said your son is in the hospital. we arrested him on a 51/50. he was walking naked in the street in the middle of the night talking to himself. the mother and father jumped in the car and went to the emergency room and by the time they got there, the hospital had released hi
by psychotic people. we are all talking about acquisition of guns at a time when homicides are going down. the problem is the crazy people who get the guns. >> and how fast they can get them. >> the tucson shooter, everybody who knew him spoke about him as a that was out of control, and one of his classmates said that she sat in class near the door, holding her handbag, thinking he might shoot people in the room, and she would go on to escape. under our laws, until he shot people, you could not taken into custody. >> this was the guy that shot gabby giffords. thehis week we learned shooter in aurora, his psychiatrist reported him as dangerous and they have moved to take away his school pass. >> at what point do you get involved in the doctor patient relationship? >> i used to be a psychiatrist. if i had information that he was a danger to himself or others, i not only had the right, but the duty to make sure that it was reported. that is the exception to the sanctity of that relationship. >> unless you are australian and have an assault weapons ban where they really go out of their way to
involved simply for being psychotic in a public area and going to court hearings. a very messy issue. the reason why i'm interested in this particular issue is not because i'm interested in controversy or particularly polarizing issues, but because i believe in it. i believe that laura's law outpatient treatment is a tool among many tools that we have in the mental health system to try to engage people in a recovery based way. the foundation of laura's law is a multidisciplinary team trying to engage people, trying to give them as much say in the treatment plan as they are willing to provide and when you read the description in nevada county that has it fully implemented. when you meet the people who work they are, they believe in the same things that mr. vega was mentioning, love kindness, i think that's why we all do this work but there are individuals like my mother, maybe like his son who need a little bit of extra help. i think that sometimes oftentimes clients see judges differently than they see their doctors. they are more line listening to judges than their doctors and than
identified a man shot by a for that psychotics agent last night. >> they say pablo ramirez is wanted for violating his probation. authorities say he was in his vehicle with two other men in a parking lot in napa when drug agents confronted the trio. he reportedly got into an altercation with one of the agents who shot him in the chest. >>> the u.s. coast guard released video of crew members recovering 245 large bags of marijuana. >> officials say mexican smugglers tossed the bags over board, after being spotted. >> they escaped to mexican waters, having an estimated value of $5 million. >> chuck read is taking his baseball pitch to the league. >> he requested a personal meeting to discuss moving the oakland as to san jose. the giants have territorial rights to san jose. the spokesman for the commissioner said he has not seen the letter and would have no further comment. >>> now trending, video of rutgers basketball coach mike rice, pushing players and making homophobic remarks. he kicks, grabs players and throws basketballs at them. local college treat athletes can't believe it went
me to ask her out. when women smile at me i don't know what it means. i think they're psychotic or something. do i smile back? so i just stood there like-- remember how quayle looked when benson gave him that kennedy line? so you didn't ask?
in the sense of not being psychotic this. >> they can be. we find people are not by definition psychopathic or sigh psychotic. at times they may not at all, but often they learned adverse ways to engage in conflict or difficulty. >> we know terror groups screen out in fact emotionally and sick logically they are an inparent security risk. when a terrorist adopts a cause do they also adopt a sort of collective identity being part of a clicket tiffist. cause -- >> typically. a person that engages in this behavior it is cause or comrade. a cause is bigger than individuals or a problem based on a family member or co-worker or relative. on the issue of regarding cause it can be difficult to understand. they might be political or national us stick. they might be a religious background or something we don't know about that is so important to them and not the rest of us. >> do they convince themselves violence against a government and its people is not immoral. we think so. for those of us who believe morality and ethical values there are some things you won't do. women and children are classic exa
to this situation. and these people while they're probably certainly not psychotic, very few terrorists are psychotic, that tends to interfere with the ability to pull off a successful terrorist operation. certainly they can have strange ideas. eric rudolph motivated by anti-abortion, he attacked the centennial park in atlanta and killed one person during the olympics. it didn't seem to be a completely rational act. so the fact you can be motivated by certain ideologies and do things that don't seem to make sense. if indeed they were motivated by the chechen issue, why not go to moscow and do something there? doesn't seem to make any sense at all to do something in boston. >> peter, thank you very much. peter will stay with us, tom fuentes, all of our security experts as we continue our breaking news coverage of the manhunt for the second suspect. we'll take a break and be right back. ♪ before tori was taking her kids to lunch in her new volkswagen... before her passat had passed 30 different inspection tests, and before several thousand tennesseans discovered new jobs on volkswagen d
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the mise en scene. i did this play years ago. ( british accent: ) on the contrary, major many a psychotic killer te would appear to be quite normal. you see, you can never suspect that underneath that calm exterior there lies the heart of a maniac. it happens to be true, by the way. who are you? oh, i'm dr. frasier crane. from the radio. kacl talk... well, never mind. listen, someone told me that my chair would be here. i'll just get this out of your hair if i may. excuse me. right now this chair's the most entertaining thing on stage. i'm sure that's quite true, but... ow! don't worry about it, honey. run along to the nurse's office. they'll have you back here in no time. i am so sick of being positive. you see, you don't understand. this chair belongs to my father and i must return it to him. you can have your chair back in two weeks. i'm in a very difficult position here. difficult? you want difficult? i have a set that's falling apart ading man whose voice changed at precisely 3:00 this afternoon and my name is spelled wrong in the program! see what i did there pomeroy? a le that's th
on these are always wrong but the mass casualties suggest a middle eastern group or somebody who is really psychotic and crazy. >> why has nobody claimed responsibility? usually pretty quickly after something like this they would claim responsibility. >> these things are inevitably somebody is on the phone or throwing a tape over. so that's another mystery in the hull and why hasn't somebody claimed. >> this was an international event. we had 500,000 people lining the streets. how does that complicate the investigation? >> a 27 mile run, you cannot protect these. i don't think we should look at the vulnerables. did they make a mistake? crowds are very difficult if not impossible to protect. >> you have all these people from all over the world how does that make things so much more difficult? >> you can't keep them there. to get out, if it was foreign i wouldn't be surprised if they're on a plane right now. if they are sophisticated, people are gone. >> great insight. >> the twin explosion. there would be initial blast, second blast when the responders arrived to cause maximum amount of injury. it is
who is psychotic, not just a lone wolf, but maybe a psychotic person who has done this to give himself some kind of glory, almost a glorified pulling the fire alarm at school to watch everybody secure eye around, only in this case, kill people to do that we just don't know that yet, and, again, no group has claimed authority, no individual has claimed authority, and no, the individual hasn't been ratted out as you might say by cohorts, which adds to the difficulty of this, so somebody could right now be sitting at home, watching this and gloating that, hey, look at this, i did that. and i'm -- i'm indirectly famous on international television. >> okay. that kind of makes you sick, doesn't it? >> it is sickening, you're right. >> hopefully the pressure cooker lid yields some clues. >> other big story, the discovery of a ricin tainted envelope meant for a u.s. senator. on its way to republican senator roger wicker of mississippi. it's going through additional tests, results considered in a day or two. dana bash has more. >> cnn can now report that the envelope addressed to senator wicker
is not as psychotic as without the medication. so this would have clearly been -- would not have happened if he would have had proper mental health treatment but you can't go back in time. the only thing we can do is move forward and try to make sure that the dangerously mentally ill are not only getting treatment for their mental illness but let's make sure that they don't have access to guns. let's make sure that criminals don't have access to guns. american for responsible solutions are focused on this every day to make sure we fix this problem and address gun violence in the country. >> chris: i want to pick up on that point. after newtown there was a lot of talk about making it easier for authorities, a school or a family to commit a jared loffner, an adam lanza before they got access to guns and acted out in the horrible way but that seems to have been foregotten in all of the debate about gun control. >> well, i don't know if it has been foregotten. certainly the debate in the senate is going to -- is going to include some aspect of help for the mentally ill. what that is, you know, i'm not --
a serial killer with psychotic glee. >> can you hear me now? >> he came in and we threw a lot of materiality him because we only had him for a limited amount of time, so he would shoot episode after episode in one day. >> hey, mom. >> so we gave him quite a workout and he did a great job of playing one of the most bizarre characters we've ever had on the show. >> reporter: but the biggest star "gh" cameo came at the height of the luke and laura wedding phenomenon. >> i wanted to see what kind of man you were. what kind of man that almost fooled my husband. >> reporter: elizabeth taylor was a self-proclaimed super fan who asked the show for a guest stint. her five episode appearance as the millionaire widow helena cassadine culminated with her casting of curse on luke and laura during their wedding. >> i curse on you, laura and luke. i curse on the both of you. >> reporter: did you guys become close? you alluded at one point, tony, to sort of a fling, if you will or some kind of relationship? >> i would call it more tan a fling. it lasted two years. >> reporter: really? >> yeah
" by the eagles, which is an amazing song. >> kind of psychotic. >> i really like brad paisley, i really like ll cool j., i'm glad they came together. you hit it exactly right, they're not here to be made fun of. >> could this be one of the greatest -- could this be the greatest civil rights achievement of the last 30 years? >> first of all, i think everybody ought to step back and at least give these guys credit for making an effort. i would not have put in there let bygones be bygones about slavery. that was not a cool thing for ll cool j. to say. the point is, it may be something these reviewers don't like. who likes them. it's a decent reasonable approach, it's a nice thing to do. why doesn't everybody leave it alone? >> i compare it to jim carrey, he demonized people he disagreed with. wouldn't it be great if you got a gun control celebrity together to do a song? >> there aren't any -- too quick down the bases. brad paisley, tiny, small guy. and -- >> well, they come in -- pack a lot of punch. >> ll is towering over that guy. what happened to country music, starbucks down on main street? >>
at the commonwealth club tonight and says republicans in congress have failed. this afternoon david psychotic man sat down with mark matthews. >> again today speaker of the house boehner went after the president budget. >> president got tax hike in january. we don't need to be raising taxes on the american people. >>reporter: ronald reagan budget director tells me republicans got it wrong. >> you don't have to pay the bill just cut taxes and sit back and wait for the pwunl tote balance itself. for 30 years sense then that hasn't work it can't work our economy now is in bad shape it's not growing. >>reporter: now david stockman says taxes must be raised. not only on the rich but also the middle class. in order to reduce the deficit. >> in order to overcome this legacy of deficit don't matter led by republicans who are supposed to be the conservative political party. >>reporter: republicans who reveer ronald reagan presidency what stockman is saying sound like hair situation. he said he was never a true believer. >> i was drummed out of the supply side cheating by the high priest running it art
don't think this is columbine or similar to. these kids are not psychotic. this was preplanned, carefully meditated. i'm reminded of all this of a story of what happens particularly to second generation muslims who don't feel an identity with the home country or the adopted land. that's where radicalization takes place. that's where we need to devote thinking to. >> we're going to talk about that. radicalization, ail nation and how to protect ourselves. don't go away. with screen share. hey aleigh. hey! carol! update on 171 woodward..... let's other people see what's on your screen. and these are the material studies. the dog was my suggestion. aleigh. aleigh! it's great. but i'm on vacation for another week, remember? oh, right! i'll call you tomorrow! ok. but don't. carol? the blackberry z10 with screen share. powerful communication on the powerful network. verizon. welcnew york state, where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income tax
this is columbine or similar. these kids are not psychotic schizophrenics this was pre-planned, carefully meditated. i'm reminded of a story of what happens particularly to second generation muslims who don't feel an identity dwight with a home country or their adopted land. that's where radicalization tends to take place. that's where we need to devote new thinking to this phenomenon. >> we are talking about radicalization, alienation and how to protect ourselves going forward. don't go away. is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit >>> we are back with our expert panel. philip mudd in washington, i want to start with you and pick up what bret stevens was talking about. there seems to be a pattern here, which is if you look at the london bombings, t
blockbuster anti-psychotic drug xyprexa. today saying it was a lower tax rate, research credit, one-time payment that did the trick. oigs, it was the usual cost-cutting. yeah, wow the lemmings are saying today it just won't cut it. there's got to be some growth, a scintilla of growth. and the flat revenues, there was none to be had. >> the house of pane! >> the shareholders and the other drug stocks turned into lemmings, they immediately dame for abvi, for bristol-myers, pfizer the group considered, suddenly had hair on it. the technical term for -- oh, boy, things aren't so crystal as i thought. bristol-myers decide to be greedy. i have a thing going for these lemmings. it's about time somebody took profits in these drug stocks, speaking of profit, how about the mass moving amgen today. the lemings are holding the power over that cliff, down over 7 points, the worst first time king in three years. why not? the first revenue missed about that length of time. it looks like their core frourkts anem -- their core products, anemia products are losing steam. i'm tending to blame this on
's their own fault, but the lemming behavior is not just with apple. check out eli lilly. the blockbuster anti-psychotic drug, but a patent cliff, that's one thing. a lcemming cliff is another. one-time payment, otherwise the strength was off from the usual cost cutting. yeah. and, well, cost cutting, the lemmings are saying today it just won't cut it. there's got to be some growth. a cint ichilla of growth. the other stocks turned into lemmings that came from bristol-myers, pfizer, suddenly had hair on it. the tactical term for, oh, boy, things are not as clean as i thought. after deciding not to be greedy, i got a little thing going for these lemmings. it's about time somebody got some profits from these products. how about amgen today. wow, the lemmings are really willing to pile over that cliff. down 7 points, and why not? this quarter marked the first loss for amgen and they could be losing steam. i'm tested to blame this one on the lance armstrong confession and the end of doping by athletes. facetious. in the meantime, the host of the pipeline are not contributing anything new. there's too much h
're going to kill you that you just don't dismiss it. and the fact that he's allegedly psychotic, all the more reason why we should pay attention. >> indeed. let's take a listen to the president's spokesman earlier this afternoon. here's what he said. >> the north korean leadership would be wiser to focus on developing its economy and assisting the north korean people who suffer under this kind of leadership that chooses development of missile programs and nuclear weapons rather than the feeding of its own people. >> congressman, that's all well and good, but in the past, as you well know, north korea has used this kind of threat to leverage some kind of economic benefit in the form of reduced sanctions, improved input from other foreign countries. do you think that's the strategy here? >> i don't want to take a gamble on what their strategy is going to be. we all know that if china was to cut the umbilical cord from north korea, there would be no threats. china ought to have a more responsible position, to bring some stability region. if it so happens this 29-year-old kid starts a wa
, not a perpetrator. however, we do know that particularly with studies with young people, somebody has a psychotic break, doesn't get help, they're 15 times more likely to commit a violent act. so we've got to get them at the front end and let them know that there's help. you know, for someone with a food disorder, it's a chemical imbalance in the brain. no different than if you have diabetes and you're monitoring your sugar. you can get help with medication for a chemical imbalance we now call bipolar. >> how is this going to work? >> what this does -- what we have right now are a network of what we call federally qualified health centers. they're there for people that don't have insurance. you can go in and they will treat people and then they are able to bill medicaid for services. they can't do that for mental health and substance abuse. what we're doing is the last bit of mental health parity. saying whether it's a health clinic, substance abuse, they can bill. >> to try to get federal funding, that it's treated the way any other issue. >> any other thing is. right now under health reform, me
or a psychotic. but i've been talking to people in afghanistan and analysts around washington. and they're looking at al qaeda. and the way they're explaining it is that zawahiri made a tape a couple days ago in which could have been a coded message for operatives in this country to strike. again, this is speculation analysis. in particular, he's been pushing for taking retaliation for the drone strikes in pack stab pakistan and yemen. going to his people and saying we've got to hit back at these people. when i give the signal, let's do it. they're putting two and two together. whether it equals four or not, i don't know. but they're just looking at the mass casualties, patriots day. a national holiday. with a lot of cameras on it. and it's an act of pure revenge. and, again, this is analysis. but i find it very interesting. >> chad sweet, would you go along with that? is it all pointing now to the hall marks of an al qaeda strike? >> it does. and i would agree with bob. if you look at -- if this were something like an anti tax motive, they would probably be targeting the irs buildings.
. it took a group of officers five minutes to hold him down. police are calling it a psychotic episode. >>> two girls are recovering at st. rose hospital in hayward this morning after suffering gunshot wounds. police say the teenager's injuries are not life threatening. the girls told investigators someone fired at them last night from an apartment. officers searched the unit on west henson road and thornton court. police detained two people, but later released them. investigators are still searching for the gunman. >>> in florida, the family of trayvon martin has settled a wrongful death suit in connection with the killing of the teenager. martin's parents sued the homeowners association of the housing subdivision where the 17-year-old was shot to death. out of that settlement, the amount was not disclosed. neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman is scheduled to go on trial in june for second degree murder. >>> a store that sold a gun to the mother of the newtown school gunman has lost its federal firearms license. officials are not saying if
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 62 (some duplicates have been removed)